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o experience a magical sen▓se of relief.He recognized at last that wh●at had to be decided would b●e decided at this time and at no● other.He had the air of a man who has fough▓t a long illness successfully.Had his judg●ement indeed been so faulty even tho▓ugh it had not been conscious Du●ring the years of his marriage he had repeated o●n every day the words, ‘I am so happy’ — fata▓l as the striking of a grandfather-▓clock upon which silence is forever encroac▓hing.Now he could say so no longer.Their▓ common life was like some ca●ble buried in the sand which, in some ●inexplicable way, at a point impossible to di▓scover,

had snapped, plungin▓g them both into an unaccustomed and impene▓trable darkness.The madness itself, of cours●e, took no account of circumstances.It ▓appeared to superimpose itself not up▓on personalities tortured beyond the bounds of ●endurance but purely upon a given ▓situation.In a real sense we all● shared it, though only Nessim acted it out, e▓xemplified it in the flesh, as a ▓person.The short period which prece

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ded the gre▓at shoot on Mareotis lasted for perha▓ps a month — certainly for very lit●tle more.Here again to those who did not know● him nothing was obvious.Ye▓t the delusions multiplied themselves at such a ●rate that in his own records they give ●one the illusion of watching bacteria under a ●microscope — the pullulation of heal●thy cells, as in cancer, which▓ have gone off their heads, renou●nced their power to repress themselves.The myst▓erious series of code messages tr▓ansmitted by the street names he● encountered showed definite i●rrefutable signs of a supernatural ▓agency at work full of the threat of unseen ●punishment — though whether for himself o●r for others he could not tell.?/p>